A Quick Intro
The auto-injector market is growing fast and there are many companies offering products and services to support this growth. Nuance Designs is different. Yes, our company is relatively new to the scene. But unlike any other company, each of our founders has over 20 years direct experience in designing, developing and scaling-up auto-injector projects. Many of these projects saw huge commercial success, including the industry’s most recognized auto-injector platforms that continue to be produced and sold in the millions today.

With this knowledge and experience, Nuance Designs recognized that there is space for a new generation of drug delivery systems that are better matched to the needs of pharmaceutical partners and patients. This drove us to take a whole new path and develop a revolutionary new technology, Breeze. A technology that is better than anything else we’ve seen in any other auto-injector.

But our work isn’t done yet. We believe that pharmaceutical customers¬† are looking for more flexibility in sourcing and pricing from their drug delivery partners and want to reduce the risks and costs associated with single-source, integrated suppliers. That’s why we offer a whole new business model that gives customers more options and control. Together, we are working to help deliver a better, cost effective experience for patients.

To help steer our ambitions and ensure we remain focused in our daily decisions, we decided to publicly share our company values.

Nuance Values

Our Patients
The patients who use our products are the ultimate focus of everything we do at Nuance Designs. We work hard to develop the best solutions we can to improve their lives. They deserve the highest quality products and we will do everything in our power to exceed their expectations.

Our Partners
Our network of pharmaceutical partners and suppliers are critical to our ability to deliver the best possible products to patients. Collaboration, transparency and responsiveness are key to all we do and to keeping trust between ourselves, our customers and our suppliers.

We strive to identify and work with proven partners who are experts in their field. Leveraging our experience and the power of our collaborations, we are able to anticipate likely questions and potential risks, and are prepared with support and recommendations where needed.

Our Team
Our culture is centered around innovation, staying nimble and being humble. We strive to be an efficient, lean and fast-moving organization. We frequently demonstrate that we are able to do more with less.

We want to reward our staff for their contributions and hard work. We aim to give all of our staff a great quality of life, while allowing them to do the best work of their career.

Our Planet
As a company, we are challenged with balancing the convenience and safety of disposable medical devices with the impact these devices have on the environment. We will do our best to minimize our impact on the environment while maximizing device convenience, performance and safety.

We will at all times act with integrity and respect towards our customers, suppliers, employees and the world we live in.

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