Injector Technology. Reinvented.

Nuance’s proprietary drive Technology, Breeze™, is a revolutionary power system that enables a new generation of injection devices with performance, features and form factors that were previously impossible to implement.


Ultra Compact
Because it uses pneumatics instead of a rigid plunger rod, Breeze requires a lot less space to be effective and can be put into a whole range of new form factors. This means that Nuance can design and build injectors that are smaller than their spring-based competitors. When more force is required, Breeze can easily generate the increased force, with no increase in size. This leads to injectors that use less resources which are powerful yet easy to store, use and discard.

Powerful, yet gentle
The Breeze engine is capable of delivering enough force to inject even the most viscous of liquid pharmaceuticals, without the impacts, jolts and harsh noises that can startle patients when using spring-based delivery systems. By controlling the force and rate independently, Breeze is both strong and gentle. Users can have less fear and anxiety while pharma can be confident in Breeze’s reliability and consistency.

Smart Drive Technology

Curve Match

During injection, Breeze can self adjust the force being delivered. It can reduce, maintain or even increase the force if it meets resistance. This revolutionary technology behaves just like a human performing a manual injection.

Time Control

Directly target specific injection times independently of force. Breeze drive technology can be dialed in to deliver in under 10s all the way up to 30 mins. This makes it perfect for both hand held and wearable auto-injectors.

Perfect for Longer Durations
Because Breeze delivers a consistent force to the injector, it is ideally suited for longer duration injections or those that require a larger dose. It’s modular design allows it to be fitted into a variety of different configurations to match the injector requirements and environment. Breeze is a platform technology in its truest sense.

A Flexible Platform
Fusion and Quantum are just the beginning of what can be built using Breeze technology. We can easily adapt the Breeze power pack for a whole range of different injection delivery systems due to its robust and modular design. As requirements change during design, Breeze can stay the same, reducing complexity and alleviating risk.

The technology behind Breeze allows us to design and manufacture auto-injectors in a wide range of shapes and sizes, with a wide array of features and finishes. If you’d like to create a custom product using Breeze, or you’d like to customize our Fusion or Quantum designs, get in touch!

The Breeze platform is available right now in our Fusion™ and Quantum™ lines of injectors.

Built on Breeze

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